mark foys scaffolding

Hiding in Plain sight

Mr Scaffold recently had a project involving the upper levels and roof sections of the “Sydney Mansions” building at 133 Goulburn Street in Sydney. The Building was originally a Warehouse for the now defunct Mark Foy’s Department store located nearby on Liverpool Street.  That building is now known as the Downing Centre, housing a complex
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scaffold span storm channel

Aluminium Scaffold spanning the divide

Dorothea Mackellar OBE (1885-1968) was a poet and fiction writer who was best known for her poem “My Country”.  It is the second stanza of this famous poem that is best known: I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her
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scaffold roof on rail line

Railway Bridge Scaffolding in the rain

Mr Scaffold specialises in providing services to companies that need bespoke scaffold erections to meet specific requirements. Primarily, this puts us in the scope of Defence, Industrial plant maintenance & shutdowns, and Rail Infrastructure for the bulk of our work. Whilst we are justifiably proud of the work that we do, a large proportion of
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randor st scaffold depot

New Melbourne Depot – Campbellfield

Thank you Melbourne The Mr Scaffold story in Melbourne goes from strength to strength. We have been part of the scaffolding picture in and around the Victorian capitol for over a decade now, and we have been growing steadily as our reputation has guided us to more and more fantastic customers and partners. Our depot
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scaffold over emergency exit

Scaffolding additions to meet the exact requirements

Mr Scaffold often has clients who have very exacting needs for a project. Some of these may be confined space access which is 10 metres from the nearest access platform, others may be a need to work across a 12 metre length on the side of a ship halfway between the nearest deck and the
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market st scaffold level change

Scaffold or Scaffolding – what is the difference

One of the questions we get asked at Mr Scaffold is what is the difference between Scaffold and Scaffolding. Whilst we are a scaffolding company, and not English professors, we would like to try and clear it up a little for our customers and friends. The simplest explanation I can find is that a Scaffold
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scaffold jetstar

Scaffold features in News article on Hi-Tech Training

Jetstar, one of Australia’s budget conscious air carriers has built a reputation for driving vendor responsibility in its’ supply chain and building relationships with companies that are a match for their position in the market. This attitude was first displayed in 2016 when the company needed to find a new vendor for the ongoing task
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scaffold balcony painting

Why pay for a scaffold to be put up?

Mr Scaffold is a professional scaffolding company with many years of experience, with an ISO certified management system to back it up. We have received this question before however, usually from a customer who needs some extensive scaffold erected around their home or business. Whether they have previous experience with scaffolding or not, the idea
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stairwell scaffold base

Scaffolding a stairwell for ceiling maintenance

Anybody who has lived in a two storey house will know the difficulty of reaching the ceiling above a stairwell.  Whether to change a lightglobe, dust a fitting, or sweep away cobwebs, there is usually a long handled instrument involved.  Painting such an area is equally challenging, with the distances changing from the steps of the
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Scaffold over house plan

Scaffold Drawings

  Mr Scaffold is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for Scaffolding Hire Services, which means an independent auditor has confirmed that the procedures and processes that are use for Mr Scaffold to conduct a hire are measurable and repeatable on each and every occasion. Our process for hiring a scaffold and a team out involves
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scaffold over skylight span

Terrace houses & Skylight scaffolds

Mr Scaffold has been established since 1999, and has built a reputation for excellence and reliability.  Our reputation comes from the single minded passion for safety and the pursuit of perfection that is intrinsic to the approach of the founding family who still manage Mr Scaffold to this day. This approach is reflected in every
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standard on step scaffold over stairs

Scaffolding over stairs and up over the balcony

    Mr Scaffold often has hire jobs where there is a need to reach a part of the building or structure that is not easily reached by a straight build tower.  This is one of our specialties, where our advanced skills and experience can help make the seemingly difficult access situation relatively simple for
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