Scaffold Drawings

Scaffold over house plan


Mr Scaffold is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for Scaffolding Hire Services, which means an independent auditor has confirmed that the procedures and processes that are use for Mr Scaffold to conduct a hire are measurable and repeatable on each and every occasion.

Our process for hiring a scaffold and a team out involves a Budget Estimate, which if approved is followed by a site visit.  One of our highly qualified estimators will then visit the site and formulate a plan for the scaffold erection.  This is required to not only ensure that the scaffold can be erected safely, but also to accurately compute the scaffold equipment that will be needed on site for the build, and the hours that will be required for our teams to erect and then dismantle it.

scaffold around towerscaffold over ledge

A quote is formalised for your approval, combining all of the factors that the estimator has compiled.

Occasionally, there is a need for a technical drawing of the estimators plan.  This is not a regular part of our process, nor is it entirely essential, but when we need an engineers sign-off, or there is a particular issue that needs to be properly and formally adressed, a computer drawing may be fashioned from the estimators had drawn plan.

We do not normally share these plans with customers, since they are rarely required for the majority of projects, but we thought a glimpse of these drawings may give you an insight into the complexity of some of the work that our estimators actually do in their heads when they visit a site. painters kit double widthsingle level on wheels







scaffold up rock face