24 March 2014

Scaffold Accessories

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We Stock a Complete range and offer Affordable rates for Hire and Sales

Stabilizing components
Mr Scaffolds range of scaffold accessories match the quality and specifications of the entire Mr Scaffold range of scaffolding equipment.  We use the same equipment we sell every single day, so the quality is part of what we rely on as professional scaffolders.
Mr Scaffold has an extensive range of stabilizing components for all your stabilizing requirements whether it’s for hire or purchasing.
We stock (on site) Acrow Props, Outriggers from 2.5m up to 5m in length, Couplers, Wall Ties, Jacks and much more.

Mr Scaffold has an extensive range of wheels or casters for all occasions whether it’s for hire or purchasing. We stock (on site) 5 inch wheels, 6 inch castors and 8 inch castors with braking devices or not.
All wheels are made to user-friendly standards meaning easy and quick installation is assured.

Mr Scaffold has a large range of aluminium platforms. We stock platforms ranging from 0.8m right up to 3.2m in length.
Platforms are available in light duty (SWL=225kg, 2.5m only) or medium duty (SWL=450kg, all lengths).
Our specially designed Medium Duty Platforms have Aluminium cantilevered edges.
We also hire and sell platforms with trapdoors.

Check our Systems, SUPASCAF & EASYSCAF in Mobiles and KWIKSCAF for walk-through

All of our Scaffolding components and add-ons are High Quality

Mobile Scaffolding Ladders 

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