10 March 2014



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Mr Scaffold has provided for you a small slice of the impressive history we have in completing scaffold projects over the last decade.  See our aluminium scaffolding projects since 2005, see how versatile our aluminium scaffolding is and its applications.

Versatility, Flexibility and Efficiency are the three attributes that stand out on these pages

Under the Projects Blog, there are not only the jobs which we are justifiably proud, but also the difficult and unique.  In our Video Gallery, you can see a collection of how our aluminium scaffold is constructed, and just how versatile it can be in so many different situations.  Our Walk-Thru aluminium scaffolds are strong, lightweight and easy to use. Our systems are ideal for any tradesmen requiring a Walk-Thru scaffolding system such as Painters, Renderers, Roofers, Builders or general tradesmen.

Heritage Buildings, Iconic Facades, Tricky Rockfaces – we scale them all to reach “The Next Level”

The Mr Scaffold FoldScaf aluminium mobile scaffold system is super quick, easy and convenient in any household or work site.  A Mobile unit can be of immense benefit in situations where the surface below the work area is hard and flat.  Completing work in one area and moving the unit to the next can save time, effort and expense.  The ladder is mounted internally, connected to the top rail, and clear of the ground to ensure it does not snag or impede the movement of the unit or make it unstable during adjustment of position.

If it can be done with Aluminium Scaffold, Mr. Scaffold is the SAFEST, QUICKEST & MOST RELIABLE

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