11 April 2014

Scaffolding Services

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Mr Scaffold has Aluminium Mobile Scaffold, Foldable Scaffold, Walk-through Scaffold systems, Scaffold Accessories, Hire Scaffold, Scaffold Labour Hire and Scaffold Sales across Australia.

Whether your job is large and complex involving the erection of a massive scaffold for an extensive period or a single tower for a short time, we have the solution for your access needs.  Mr Scaffold offers a range of scaffolding services that can help with your next job. Our fully qualified, licensed and professional scaffolders can transport, erect, inspect and dismantle your scaffolding for you. Some of our scaffolding services include Contracting Services , Hire Equipment , Specialised Services or view our Project of the Month  to get an idea of the scaffolding services we have provided in previous projects.  Our list of Projects stretches back for over a decade, giving you an indication of both our expertise and our experience in the art of scaffolding safely and efficiently.

We have experienced and qualified scaffolders who will certify each of our constructions, providing you with absolute confidence in the safety of your access solution.  Mr Scaffold continues to work with large scale organisations, Government departments, Small to Medium businesses and residents across all manner of tasks where an access solution is required.  Mr Scaffold has built a reputation on providing the same safe, professional and efficient service to all our customers.  Our focus on Safety and our experience in providing these services has enabled us to train our own personnel in a system which provides us with cross-checking and quality assurance to ensure consistent and reliable results on every scaffold build.

Mr Scaffold has a proven track record, and will bring that same focus to your access solution ensuring your safety whether your work platform is elevated 1 metre or 20.  Every build is an important build to the Mr Scaffold team.  Give our team a call on 1300 677 223 and let them help you solve your access problem.

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