17 March 2014

Scaffolding FAQ

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Where can I download a copy of the Info Pack for my scaffold?

The individual Info Packs for all of our scaffolds can be found in the following locations, simply click the link for your particular scaffold type.

FOLDSCAF Info PackFoldable Scaffold, Light Aluminium Scaffold, Mini Scaffold
https://www.mrscaffold.com.au/Info_Packs/FOLDSCAF_Info_Pack.pdfEasy Scaffold, Light Aluminium Scaffold, Mini Scaffold


Scaffolding ConstructionKWIKSCAF Info Pack

SUPASCAF Info PackMr Scaffold Medium Duty Aluminium Mobile Tower

What warranty does Mr Scaffold offer on scaffold components?

All of our scaffolds come with a lifetime guarantee on welding, and 1 year guarantee on all parts.

Does Mr Scaffold provide instructions for scaffold set up?

YES. Here, and also a video is available on our Youtube Channel Here

There is also a post on How To

This is a 15 step guide to help you assemble your scaffold safely, and to WorkCover guidelines.

Mr Scaffold provides FREE to EVERY customer, a Mr Scaffold Starter Pack upon purchase. In a single email, it includes:-

  • WorkCover Design Registration
  • Technical Drawing of the completed Scaffold tower
  • Technical Drawings of all components purchased
  • Engineer Report
  • Testing Protocol
  • Testing Photos
  • Scaffold Pricelists and Scaffolding Special Offers

What if I already have some of my own scaffold components, or I don’t require something?

Easy – we can just take the component off the quote.

We understand that sometimes our customers already own ladders or may not require 2 platforms etc.

Whatever the case may be, you can feel free to add or subtract as many scaffolding components as you would like to your Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower.

Can I add extra components to my aluminium mobile scaffold to suit my needs?

You sure can!

We provide all of our customers with a comprehensive breakdown of how many components are included in any scaffolding tower, and what the individual prices of those components are.

You may wish to add components to your scaffold tower now, or at any stage in the future – the choice is yours!

What warranty do you offer on your scaffolds?

All of our scaffolds come with a lifetime guarantee on welding and 1 year guarantee on all parts.

How much room will it take to store my aluminium scaffold?

An aluminium mobile scaffold is 95% air! That means that when the scaffold is dismantled, it takes very little room to store. We can easily transport two aluminium scaffolds of 1.3m x 2.5m x 6m height on a standard ute tray.

If you can imagine two standard CHEP pallets placed next to each other. An aluminium mobile scaffolding of 1.3m x 2.5m x 4m would pack onto that area, and only come off the ground 400mm (knee height).

This means that Aluminium scaffolding, because it does not rust, and is lightweight, can be stored

  • under a house,
  • in a roof,
  • garage,
  • outside or
  • absolutely anywhere.

Should I use steel scaffolding or aluminium scaffold?

The simple answer is, if your job will run 6-8 weeks or more, steel scaffolding will work out cheaper for you. Call us for a referral.

Jobs that run for a few hours to a few weeks are generally more practical and economical to do with an Aluminium scaffold.

However big or small your job is, we have you covered. We cater for the home handyman performing some minor works to multinational companies such as Multiplex and St Hilliers who require complete WorkCover compliance on multi-million dollar projects.

Do Mr Scaffold components interchange with other scaffolding modules?

There are now quite a few different companies who have manufactured scaffolding.

Mr Scaffold has stayed with the traditional measurements, so our components fit many of the mainstream scaffold modules.

In general the lengths are quite standard – 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.2m across the board.

This means scaffold platforms and scaffold braces interchange readily between different scaffolding modules.

Wheels, toeboards, ladders all interchange between nearly all scaffolding systems. Scaffold Frames can sometimes be different sizes.

We can provide technical drawings at no cost which identifies the exact specifications to which our aluminium scaffold components are made.

Do I really need an internal ladder?

To be compliant with WorkCover / WorkSafe practices, an internal ladder must always be used with a scaffold.

A ladder brace must be secured at the bottom of the ladder to ensure the ladder is set to an angle.

It must be free of the ground, to allow the scaffold to be moved without interference of the ladder “scraping” the ground.

The ladder must also be attached at the top frame of the scaffold.

What Scaffold height do I require?

For example, you would like to paint your facier and guttering. You have a fairly standard size two storey home, and good access all around your house.

We would suggest that the facier and gutter will be around 5.8m from ground level. Therefore, if you wish to paint the facier and gutter just above your head height, you should install a 4m working platform.

Remember that the scaffold frames will actually come up to 5m (to include a 1m safety rail), and this scaffold will fit “under” the eave to allow access as required.

Your feet will be at 4m and your head will be around 5.75m (if you are 1.75m tall).

What type of aluminium scaffold should I use for my single storey house?

Most people use a 0.7m x 2.5m x 2.0m aluminium mobile scaffolding. This is a versatile, compact unit, suitable for outdoor use, but is also small enough to wheel around inside from room to room for those odd jobs.

The simplest unit is our Foldable Scaffold, which is 0.7m x 1.9m x 2.0m, which can be added onto with our Extension Pack to give you complete versatility in a simple to use package.

Is aluminium scaffold suitable for outdoor use?

Aluminium scaffolding is designed to endure any weather. It is tested to handle the cold winters of North America and Europe, and the extreme heats of Outback Australia.

Because Mr Scaffold products are manufactured from T6-6061 alloy, they are guaranteed to never rust.  You can read more about this amazing alloy elsewhere in this page.

What type of aluminium scaffold should I use for my 2 storey house?

Most people use a 1.3m x 2.5 x 4.0m aluminium mobile scaffolding.

This is because:-

  • It is high enough to reach the gutter line of a standard 2 storey home.
  • No formal certification is required to erect the scaffold.
  • Erection and dismantling is a quick and easy process for 1 or 2 people in around 30 minutes.
  • The scaffold is free standing and not required to be tied to the wall (outriggers may be used, but not required).

If you have an access issue, or a skinny passage down the side of your house, we also have available the 0.7m width aluminium mobile scaffold.

Failing that, we are happy to have a look at the job for you. We pride ourselves on saying “If we can’t do it, it’s impossible!”

I have seen reference online to system scaffolding, what is this?

System Scaffolding is another term for scaffolding that is specifically designed to be connected onto itself in a variety of ways to provide flexibility and ease of expansion.  Most often with Other Scaffolding this refers to Kwikstage Scaffolding, similar to Mr Scaffolds own KwikScaf Walk Thru Scaffolding system.  The ingenuity of this scaffolding is that it can be used to erect a single tower, or the same components can be utilised within a larger structure.

Mr Scaffold is a scaffold supply company that can assist you in buying or renting all of your scaffolding needs.  We have had our own scaffolding components and accessories designed and tested to exacting requirements, MrScaffold Aluminium Scaffolding
to ensure the safety of our own employees and all of our customers.  Mr Scaffolds Kwikscaf Kwikstage
aluminium scaffold is built using the same lightweight yet strong alloy which ensures that when you buy a Mr Scaffold Scaffolding system, whether it is a Mini Scaffold, or a Kwikscaf painters kit, you will have the confidence in your scaffold that our professionals have each and every day.

Mr Scaffold can deliver to Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and everywhere in between.  We have scaffolding teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to undertake scaffold hire and scaffold services, with a warehouse in Brisbane where we can sell you our outstanding scaffolds.

In short, System Scaffolding is a roundabout way of referring to any scaffolding system that is expandable and flexible.  Even our Mini Folding Scaffolds are a system scaffold, as they have an expansion pack that will allow you to raise the platform height from 1.0 to 1.9 metres.  So don’t get put off by any of the scaffolding terms, just pick up a phone and call the friendly team at Mr Scaffold, and we can help you choose the right instant access solution for your scaffolding requirements.

Access Equipment Hire or Scaffolding Sales, painters scaffolding kits or foldable mini scaffolds call the one number 1300 677 223

Why Aluminium Scaffold?

Aluminium Scaffold is lightweight yet strong, and can be transported, carried and erected more easily.  Mr Scaffold supplies scaffold manufactured using the T6-6061 alloy:

The alloy composition of 6061 is:

  • Siliconminimum 0.4%, maximum 0.8% by weight
    t6 alloy plaque on pioneer spacecraft

    Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffolding is made with the same T6-6061 alloy as the Plaque from the Pioneer Spacecraft

  • Ironno minimum, maximum 0.7%
  • Copperminimum 0.15%, maximum 0.4%
  • Manganeseno minimum, maximum 0.15%
  • Magnesiumminimum 0.8%, maximum 1.2%
  • Chromiumminimum 0.04%, maximum 0.35%
  • Zincno minimum, maximum 0.25%
  • Titaniumno minimum, maximum 0.15%
  • Other elements no more than 0.05% each, 0.15% total
  • Remainder aluminium(95.85–98.56%)

The “T6” refers to the tempering (heat treatment) of the metal to improve its strength, durability and toughness.  This alloy is so light, yet strong and hard-wearing that it was sent into space.  The famous plaques on the Pioneer spacecrafts as pictured above, were made of this alloy.  It is also commonly used for fly fishing reels, yacht construction, bicycle frames, scuba tanks and a variety of uses where strength and durability are of paramount concern.

Mr Scaffold chose this alloy to ensure that all our own scaffold components used for hire duties with our professional scaffold teams, or as a “dry hire” without the labour, would be able to stand in the weather without concern about corrosion or degradation.  The T6-6061 alloy means that the entire range of Mr Scaffold Aluminium Scaffoldings are resistant to corrosion even when the surface is abraded or chafed.

Unless you are planning on doing brickwork, or other activity that will place more than 450 kg in each bay of the scaffold, then there is a high possibility that aluminium scaffold will be able to meet your needs.  Give us a call on 1300 677 223

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