1 July 2016

Supplier of Quality Aluminium Scaffolding Sydney

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Mr Scaffold has become a household name in Sydney for providing instant access to building and restoration sites.  Because we concentrate on aluminium scaffold, we are truly specialists in the field.  Our scaffolding has been erected in many different sites, houses, holes, fields, backyards and ceilings.

scaffolding heritage site on qvbBeginning in 1999 in the suburbs of Sydney, Mr Scaffold started with residential jobs and quickly progressed to servicing industrial and commercial clients as well.  We recognised the need for aluminium scaffold that exceeded the Australian specifications and was able to withstand Australian conditions.  The Mr Scaffold Brands were born with all welded joins and class leading aluminium alloy specifications.  Mr Scaffold now supplies the highest quality aluminium scaffold on the market across Australia.  Produced using the T6-6061 alloy, our scaffold maintains rigidity and strength throughout.

Easy Access across the City in our yellow Scaffold Trucks

We have a large operational base in Wetherill Park, from which we branch out with our trucks full of scaffolding for Sydney.  Mr Scaffold is bound to have the perfect solution for your access needs on any site.  Whether you are a home handyman or a Commercial Project Manager, we can tailor a scaffolding solution specifically for your project.   We provide the highest levels of service to our customers who have come to know and trust Mr Scaffold.

We provide complete end to end services for scaffolding including confined space access to companies and residents in and around the Sydney metropolitan area―from Hornsby to Appin, from Watsons Bay to Emu Plains.  As the pre-eminent scaffolding contractor in Sydney, we have worked with large building contract firms on heritage projects including the refurbishment of iconic Sydney buildings.  Check out our projects page to view a selection of other jobs we have completed over the years.

Strong reputation in Scaffolding Sydney

We have built a strong reputation for providing the safest, most professional and efficient service to our customers.  Our people are trained in a cross-checking system for safety and quality mrscaffold scaffolding sydney town hall for restorationassurance, ensuring reliable and consistent results on each and every job.  Our scaffolding services system has been certified under ISO 9001:2015, so you know we have everything sorted for your project first time.

No matter what the size of your project, you can call Mr Scaffold on 1300 677 223 to see how we could assist you.