23 March 2014

Scaffolding for Sale – Designed for Australian Conditions

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Mr Scaffold Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding is;
∝ Australian Designed & Engineered
∝ Workcover Registered
∝ T6-6061 grade Aluminium
∝ Joins are TIG Welded
∝ Easy to erect, transport and store

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Two Metre High Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Three Metre High Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Four Metre High Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Five Metre High Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Six Metre High Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Single Width Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding 0.7m(w)

Double Width Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding 1.3m(w)

Specifications, Documents, Warranties and Useful Information

Mr Scaffold has a range of Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Brands. Our Mobile Aluminium Scaffolds are strong, lightweight and easy to use.  EASYSCAF is the brand name for the range of mobile scaffolds built with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 225Kg.  The EASYSCAF range is restricted to 2.5 metre long variants, and either Single or Double width.  SUPASCAF is the brand name for the range of mobile scaffolds with a SWL of 450Kg.  The SUPASCAF range is available in 2.0 metre, 2.5 metre & 3.2 metre lengths along with Single, Double, Triple and Quad widths.  Built for use in Australian Conditions, SUPASCAF is the top of the line for aluminium mobile scaffolds. If you have specialised requirements, including Stair Access Solutions, Confined Space Solutions or Hoarding then please see our Specialised Services page.  If you are unsure in any way, then the team at Mr Scaffold can assist you in selecting the best possible scaffolding solution for your individual needs.

There is more here than just scaffold for sale

Take the time to look through our Scaffolding FAQ, or our Projects.  These articles may help you understand the versatility and reliability of Mr Scaffold aluminium scaffold.  Our team is a close knit, experienced group of certified scaffolders who offer solutions for your RISI, Confined Space, Stair Access and Hoarding requirements. Mr. Scaffold can assist in complex scaffolding jobs that require a high degree of skill, organisation and technical knowledge, we have full public liability insurance, and all of our work is certified to meet WorkCover and WHS Standards.  If you need guidance see the General Guide for Scaffolds page.

All stages of the Scaffolding process from design to dismantle are managed directly by our team. We believe we provide the very highest levels of service and expertise to our customers who have come to know and trust Mr. Scaffold since 1999.

supascaf scaffolding erection procedureSupaScaf Erection Procedurescaffold erection procedure0.7m erection proceduremrscaffold aluminium scaffolding manufacturers warrantyManufacturers Warranty
double width scaffolding erection procedure1.3m erection procedure -Rev 1.1mrscaffold money back guaranteeMoney Back Guarantee
illustration of scaffolding heights regulationsHeights for ScaffoldingCREDIT APPLICATION

Workcover – Worksafe Certification

easyscaf workcover certificateWork Cover Certkwikscaf workcover certificateWork Cover Certsupascaf worksafe design certificate single width scaffoldingSingle Width WorkCover-WorkSafe Design Cert
supascaf worksafe design certificate double width scaffoldingDouble Width Work Cover-WorkSafe Design Cert
supascaf worksafe design certificate triple width scaffoldingTriple Width Work Cover-WorkSafe Design Cert
supascaf worksafe design certificate quad width scaffoldQuad Width Work Cover-WorkSafe Design Cert