10 January 2017

Aluminium Scaffolding Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

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Mobile Scaffolding Units for HIREKWIKSCAF Walk-Through Kits for HIREFOLDSCAF Folding scaffold for HIRE

Mr Scaffold is an aluminium scaffolding specialist.  Equipment and units for hire delivered to your site.   The quickest and safest way to get your workers to the heights you need.

We have depots in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth that conduct hire operations. Our teams are available for erection, dismantling and adjustments.

Save Money with an Equipment only (Dry Hire) and Do It Yourself or-
Our Qualified & Experienced Team can Do It All for you – call  1300 677 223

Labour Hire Services

If you prefer not to “Do It Yourself”, then we can provide you with end-to-end services to meet your needs.  We will have an Estimator attend your site ahead of time and liaise with you about the exact requirements you have.  The Mr Scaffold Estimator will then accurately calculate all of the scaffolding elements that will be required, design the scaffold tower and produce a list of equipment.  Our team will then load all of those elements onto our vehicles, transport them to your site and start unloading and erecting the scaffold tower at the time agreed between yourself and our Team Controller.  Upon completion of the erection phase, a certified professional who has supervised the build will provide a  scaffold ticket for the erected tower.  This ticket is valid for 30 days, and is mandatory for all scaffolds over 4 metres in height.  Mr Scaffold provides this with every build we erect.  On completion of your work, again as agreed between yourself and our Team Controller, our team will arrive to quickly and safely dismantle your tower, load it back onto our vehicles and transport it away.  The entire process is carried out by Mr Scaffold employees to ensure we can guarantee our exemplary record of safety and efficiency every time.

Mobile Scaffolding Towersthree metre mobile scaffolding

We supply mobile scaffold ranging from 1m to 12m high with a rating of 450kg per tower.  Any Scaffold with a fall risk of greater than 4 metres requires a certified scaffolder to complete the build.  Each Mobile Tower comes complete with an internal ladder properly braced at the correct angle and hooks to keep it clear of the ground. Eight inch wheels with brakes, Trapdoor platform for safe and efficient access.  Worksafe compliant guardrails and aluminium toe boards.  The wheels feature 400mm of adjustment for the perfect working height to be achieved.

Mobile Towers can be hired at all our depots.  (All hire equipment is delivered by Mr Scaffold and Picked up from site)

kwikscaf scaffolding can make reaching around the corner a breeze
KwikScaf Walk-Through Scaffolding

Our KWIKSCAF walk through system allows scaffolding up to 30m high, and 450kg per bay.  Mr Scaffold has a range of KWIKSCAF walk through scaffolding kits. Our walk-thru aluminium scaffolds are strong, lightweight and easy to use. Our systems are ideal for any tradesmen requiring a walk-through scaffolding system such as Painters, Renderers, Roofers, Builders or general tradesmen.  This highly versatile system can be configured to work around obstructions, curves, returns and balconies.  Narrow or wide platform widths are available.

Examples of KWIKSCAF Kits are available on our Hire Pages, or you can have our team help you determine your exact requirements.  If you have the personnel to erect it, we can hire it to you.  If you don’t, then we have Labour teams available in Sydney and Melbourne.

FOLDSCAF Scaffolding
foldable scaffolds can get you from the ute to reaching your goals in record time

The FOLDSCAF Units allow platform heights of 1.0m and 1.9m with the Expansion Pack.
The Mr Scaffold FOLDSCAF aluminium mobile scaffolding system is super quick, easy and convenient in any household or work site. See how easy it is to assemble.
The FOLDSCAF units are designed for easy, light, mobile use.

If you have a single time job, all you need is a van or Ute for this super safe and quick platform.

Scaffolding Hire available from our depots at Great Rates

Mr Scaffold supply a range of accessories to match our Mr Scaffold systems.

Mr. Scaffold has been providing the highest-quality residential services in Sydney for years, and more recently in Melbourne and Perth. We now have a depot in Stapylton Queensland providing dry hire and sales for the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. We have systems that can be folded for quick and easy use, mobile towers that can be erected then moved around a site, and we have complete systems for renovators and painters.  Call our friendly team on 1300 677 223

High-Quality Scaffolding Hire

If you are looking for high-quality aluminium scaffolding in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, Mr Scaffold is the company to contact. This is a specialised field where safety and reliability is all important. With years of experience behind us, we have been providing customers with our high quality aluminium products across Australia.  We can provide end to end services or dry hire.  Call our team on 1300 677 223 and let Mr Scaffold show you the best way to reach The Next Level