11 April 2014

Fully qualified & Experienced team to provide Specialised Scaffolding Services

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Mr Scaffold has Aluminium Mobile Scaffold, Folding Mini Scaffolds, Walk-through Scaffolding systems, Accessories, Buy or Hire – Labour Hire and Scaffolding Sales across Australia.

Mr. Scaffold has a dedicated team that can help if you require specialised scaffolding services.
Some of our specialised scaffolding services include:

Stair Access Solutionsscaffold stair access

We offer a complete range of stair access solutions from 1metre – 20metre.  By erecting our quality aluminium scaffolding and placing secure and easily traversed stairways within the scaffolding framework, we can quickly and efficiently provide you with complete external access to all levels of your chosen worksite.  This is particularly helpful when you need to conduct works within existing fire escapes and access areas.

mr scaffold confined space training
Confined Space Solutions

Our team carry out stringent risk assessments and planning before entering a confined space.  We have trained and experienced scaffolders who are not only qualified in the safe and efficient accessing of Confined Spaces, they also have experience in creating a scaffolding structure that will provide a secure platform for your chosen needs.  Safety is vitally important when dealing with Confined Spaces, experience is the key to efficiency, and efficiency is the key to getting your work started on time and your workers confident in the situation.  Mr Scaffold continually trains and works with Confined Spaces, ensuring safety and reliability at every turn.  We have previously worked with Rail, Defence and Civilian organisations, melding our own stringent procedures with theirs.

Hoardingencapsulated scaffolding sydney inner west

Our system is quick and easy, and perfect to meet your needs where ‘A’ Class Hoarding is required, for a short or long time.  We are experienced in providing hoarding in high traffic areas, with general public access, and can fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption.

Whether your job is large or small, our expert Scaffolders can help with your next specialised scaffolding job. Our fully qualified, licensed and professional Scaffolders can transport, erect, inspect and dismantle for you.  The entire process of providing your team access to the most difficult to reach areas is managed by the team at Mr Scaffold from design through to dismantle.

All our specialised scaffolding services  adhere strictly to all WorkCover requirements. To find out more call us now on  1300 677 223.