FOLDSCAF + Extension Pack

$1,601.27 Incl. GST


Rated at 225kg SWL per bay


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Ideal for the Serious Handyman or light use Trade, this compact folding scaffold with extension is versatile, easy to use and LIGHT.

Warranty:1 Year
Length:1.9 metre
Width:0.76 metre (Outer)
Height:3.0 metre
Working Platform Height:1.3 metre, 1.6 metre, 1.9 metre
Platform Weight:12kg
Weather Resistant:Yes
Platform Load Rating:225kg
Platform Dimensions:1.9 metres x 0.58 metre
Scaffold Weight:11kg
Wheel Sizes:12cm (5′) or (optional extra) 20cm (8′)
12cm(5′) Wheel Weight:2.5kg each
20cm(8′) Wheel Weight:9.0kg each
Distance Between Rungs:300mm (centre to centre) 
500mm (mid rail to guardrail)
Platform Material:Aluminium T6 6061 / Ply
Scaffold Material:Aluminium T6 6061
Wall Thickness:2.0mm
Tube Diametre:50.8mm
Footprint of Foldscaf:
Footprint with Outrigger (One Side):1.95 metres x 1.9 metres

When Dismantled

Length:1.0 metre
Width:2.0 metres
Height:0.5 metre

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