Mobile Scaffold Tower Erection Procedure Instructions

mobile scaffold erection procedure

Erecting a  Mobile Scaffold.

Mr Scaffold has several instruction labels for erecting Mobile Scaffolds, one is pictured below.  The steps below are taken from the Triple and Quad width Safe Erection Procedure:mobile scaffold erection procedure

Step 1 :  Fit castors into the base frames.

Step 2 :  Attach horizontal brace (green) to vertical tube of base frame.

Step 3 :  Attach spare end of brace to the other base frame.  Attach 2nd green horizontal brace in similar position on the other side of base frames.

Step 4 :  Attach a plan brace (black brace) diagonally in a horizontal plane into the base frames.  Repeat in the opposite corners with a second plan brace.  They should form an X shape from top view (Steel tube fixed to the vertical upright with double couplers should be used on towers above 4m).

Step 5 :  Level the unit.  Attach six (6) diagonal braces per 2 vertical metres to the base unit.  The base unit is now complete.

Step 6 :  For the next stage – insert riser frames onto spigots of the base frame.  Continue the pattern of Diagonal Braces (a new diagonal brace starts where the one beneath finishes and rises two transoms).  This pattern carries on up to the working deck level.

Step 7 :  Insert Working Platforms (2m max. between access levels).

Step 8 :  Two horizontals are clipped onto the transom 3 rungs above platform level.  Two horizontals are clipped onto the transom 2rungs above platform level.  Two horizontals are clipped onto the transom 1 rung above platform level.  This creates a triple handrail and a boxed in square above the platform.

Step 9 :  Repeat Step 6 and 8 multiple times until you reach the top working platform.

Step 10:  The top working deck must be 3 transoms from the top of the scaffold.

Step 11:  Two diagonals must be fitted above top platform level.

Step 12:  Fit Toeboards.

Step 13:  Fit a ladder internally in the scaffold to each level.  Ladder must be at least one (1) metre past the platform and pass through the Trapdoor.

Step 14:  If the working height exceeds 3 times the smallest base dimention, external wall ties must be fitted.

Step 15:  Check all four (4) wheels are locked.

Step 16:  Ensure the Safety Compliance sticker, Hazard Reduction sticker and Safe Working Guide sticker are followed at all times.

Step 17:  Dismantling procedure is reverse method to that of the erection process.  (Follow steps 16 to 1).

Download Printable PDF Version – here

Video of erection – here

mobile scaffold erection procedure