Terrace houses & Skylight scaffolds

scaffold over skylight span

scaffold over skylight house frontMr Scaffold has been established since 1999, and has built a reputation for excellence and reliability.  Our reputation comes from the single minded passion for safety and the pursuit of perfection that is intrinsic to the approach of scaffold over skylight walkthroughthe founding family who still manage Mr Scaffold to this day.

This approach is reflected in every job through a strict adherence to a process that has been certified under ISO9001:2015, ensuring Mr Scaffold clients can expect the same safety and efficiency all the time.  Whether the project is Commercial, Industrial or Residential, we utilise the same processes and procedures to protect our people and our customers alike.

This weeks feature project is a terrace house that needed some maintenance.  Like so many older residences, the original structure had been extended and expanded upon until most of the block was covered with either building or annexes.  This presents a roadblock to heavier scaffold systems, as they are too heavy to rest upon the annex structures.

scaffold over skylight top front
scaffold over skylight house rearMr Scaffold utilises our own KWIK SCAF brand of walk-through aluminium scaffold to achieve excellent results in these circumstances.  The front facade of the house was accessed with a three level single width scaffold run of 3.2 metre bays, with ladder access on one end, and a hop-up at the other to extend the roof level access to the edge of the property.

The rear of the house was a different matter, with the lower level extending out sufficiently to provide a landing point for our standards. This allowed access to the required work areas in a fairly simple manner.  It is from there that the scaffold turns along the property line over the annex that connects the newer section to the older part of the residence.

scaffold over skylight spanning

This walkway runs for several metres, and to prevent it from being a foreboding dark tunnel, the owners have wisely installed a large skylight over scaffold over skylight property linepart of the walkway.  The natural light streaming into the area would make it a natural exit from the vast expanse of the modern new section at the rear of the property.  For Mr Scaffold, this skylight though aesthetically pleasing, presented a significant area of space where we could not land our standards.  As light as our KWIK SCAF aluminium scaffold is, glass is simply not strong enough.

The task was simplified by the ability to land standards onto jacks supported on the outer edge of the annex roof structure close to the property line.  The side that was hindered by the skylight was supported by a layher beam that extended well beyond the span, and was secured to other standards to provide a bridge span over the skylight.  Each of the standards was then cross-tied into the standards that were on the outer edge of the scaffold. The resulting double width walk-through section is so stable it is like walking on solid ground.


scaffold over skylight beamscaffold over skylight obverseA vestibule area provided an opportunity for Mr Scaffold to launch a ladder access tower through the existing structure, reaching the rear-facing wall of the original structure and extending to the second level for maintenance access.

Mr Scaffold has teams that can help sove your access problems, and achieve your maintenance goals safely and efficiently.


scaffold over skylight rear corner