Scaffolding over stairs and up over the balcony

standard on step scaffold over stairs



right hand side view of scaffold over stairs

view of left hand side of scaffold over stairs

Mr Scaffold often has hire jobs where there is a need to reach a part of the building or structure that is not easily reached by a straight build tower.  This is one of our specialties, where our advanced skills and experience can help make the seemingly difficult access situation relatively simple for the customer.

On this occasion, the residence has a large elevated front porch area that is accessed by a substantial set of concrete stairs running parralel.  The edge of the porch is protected by a panelled safety fence topped by a shiny chrome handrail.  The weather protection roof is set slightly back from the outer edge, and projects further over the area to the right hand side of the stairs when viewed from the front of the property.  The roof is pitched and is covered with concrete roofing tiles.

view of balcony landing for scaffold over stairsThe area to be accessed is on the second floor of the property, requiring the scaffold to reach above this pitched roof section and provide a stable work platform that is level and properly supported.  The width of the roof section (barely more than two full roof tiles) and the pitch of the area precludes any more than one side of the scaffold being landed there.  The next level down is the front porch, which is more like the width of a balcony, therefore will only have room to support a single leg of the scaffold structure. Moving further out from the face of the residence means a drop of some 2 extra metres from the front porch level to the driveway, whilst a couple of the legs will need to be landed on the stairs themselves.view of roof corner scaffold over stairs

Proper planning and precise knowledge of where each of the scaffold standards were going to be placed allowed the Mr Scaffold team to erect this scaffold from the driveway up. This ensures that each section of the scaffold is correctly supported and stable before our personnel move off the ground.  Outriggers extending from the outer legs ensure stability against the structure, wirh tubes locked and braced against the structure to complete the stabilisation.

view of braced standard for scaffold over stairsThis allow Mr Scaffold teams to use hop-ups over the smaller width section of the pitched roof, and a pair of standards supported on sole boards to both spread the weight of the standard across several tiles and protect the tile surface.  The resulting work area is at the perfect height, sufficiently close to the work surface, and supremely stable for two handed work to commence.

Mr Scaffold has expert teams with advanced skills and years of experience.  Each of our projects is backed by the same ISO Certified procedures, with complete safety packages including Safe Work Method Statements, Scaffold Inspection & Tagging, and our famed customer service.

view of second level of scaffold over stairs