scaffold worker drinks

Heat Stress Management while scaffolding

Australian Summers are notorious for producing some incredibly hot days, and Mr Scaffold is very aware of the effects that working outside on hot days can have on worker performance, efficiency and safety. In this post we would like to discuss some of the techniques that are utilised to minimise the risks of personal heat
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scaffold ship funnels

Weather effects on your scaffold

Whenever there is a forecast extreme weather event, Mr Scaffold receives calls from concerned customers about their scaffold. If possible, the scaffold should be dismantled for any extreme weather events, and stacked on the ground, with the platforms securely tied down.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible or practical to dismantle your scaffold or there
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stairwell scaffold base

Scaffolding a stairwell for ceiling maintenance

Anybody who has lived in a two storey house will know the difficulty of reaching the ceiling above a stairwell.  Whether to change a lightglobe, dust a fitting, or sweep away cobwebs, there is usually a long handled instrument involved.  Painting such an area is equally challenging, with the distances changing from the steps of the
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Scaffold over house plan

Scaffold Drawings

  Mr Scaffold is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for Scaffolding Hire Services, which means an independent auditor has confirmed that the procedures and processes that are use for Mr Scaffold to conduct a hire are measurable and repeatable on each and every occasion. Our process for hiring a scaffold and a team out involves
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scaffold over skylight span

Terrace houses & Skylight scaffolds

Mr Scaffold has been established since 1999, and has built a reputation for excellence and reliability.  Our reputation comes from the single minded passion for safety and the pursuit of perfection that is intrinsic to the approach of the founding family who still manage Mr Scaffold to this day. This approach is reflected in every
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standard on step scaffold over stairs

Scaffolding over stairs and up over the balcony

    Mr Scaffold often has hire jobs where there is a need to reach a part of the building or structure that is not easily reached by a straight build tower.  This is one of our specialties, where our advanced skills and experience can help make the seemingly difficult access situation relatively simple for
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folding scaffold

How a Folding Scaffold made the difference in my painting project

I have been the marketing manager for Mr Scaffold for a couple of years and have contributed most of the content for these pages in that time.  I have learnt a lot about scaffolding and its’ uses, the rules and some of the tricks that have been relayed to me by the professionals.  I have
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scaffold with shrink wrap ready for shrinking

Scaffolding Hire Specialists – Training

Mr. Scaffold is a specialist scaffolding hire services provider, with a history of working with some of the largest companies and joint ventures in Australia.  We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, safe and reliable service.  Mr. Scaffold does not use sub-contractors for our work, and dedicates time and resources to keeping our team trained
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scaffold stair access

Not all the scaffolding jobs are big & beautiful

Mr. Scaffold has been working with Companies, Tradies & Home Owners for almost two decades in providing scaffolding services to help everyone reach “The Next Level”.  Our company has grown and matured along the way, increasing in efficiency and capability.  We boast a management system that is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we are working towards
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mrscaffold confined space

Aluminium Scaffolding Hire Specialists

Scaffolding has been used to access heights for thousands of years.  According to Wikipedia, there is evidence of it being used in cave paintings, and there are pictures on ancient artifacts that accurately depict a pre-cursor to modern scaffolds.  Initially erected using logs or rough-hewn wooden poles, the 20th century saw the introduction of steel
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sydney pool scaffold levitation

Sydney Scaffold appears to hover over pool

Mr. Scaffold takes great pride in the quality of work that all of our staff produce, and we like to take the opportunity to display some of the more interesting projects on these pages. This week is no different, with a scaffold that would seem to be fairly simple, needing a 7 metre platform to
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scaffolding platforms in the cleft

Scaffolding Mosman apartment block

The featured project this week is an apartment block in the Sydney suburb of Mosman. Originally inhabited by the Borogegal tribe, this well known suburb is adjacent to the harbour, and is also home to the main Zoo for Sydney, Taronga Park. Mosman boasts residences that date back to as early as the 1830’s, and
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