Scaffold features in News article on Hi-Tech Training

scaffold jetstar

Jetstar, one of Australia’s budget conscious air carriers has built a reputation for driving vendor responsibility in its’ supply chain and building relationships with companies that are a match for their position in the market. This attitude was first displayed in 2016 when the company needed to find a new vendor for the ongoing task of IT upgrades and maintenance.

Possibly as part of this, Jetstar started developing a program that uses Virtual Reality to help train staff in the skills and tasks needed to support the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Jetstar’s operations boss Alex Adams was quoted in IT News in 2016 that vendor analysts were a way of keeping vendors honest. We at Mr Scaffold think that this may mean we are on the right track, as we have had a few engagements with them in recent months.

As with all our scaffold builds, the Tullamarine based scaffolds were built with precision, following all the regular associated paperwork and certifications that go with each Mr Scaffold hire. The mobile scaffold was built with a four metre working platform designed to address the front windows on the Dreamliner. Each side is a separately stable mirror of the other, enabling them to be manoeuvered around the aircraft individually if needed. The cross platforms needed to be supported in a specific manner to enable the nose cone of the aircraft to nestle untouched beneath the working platform.

scaffold boeing 787

The Dreamliner is a relatively new addition to the Jetstar fleet, providing a sleek efficiency to international routes. Jetstars’ new “Virtual Reality” training system was featured in the 9News article within which our scaffold can be seen. (9 News article) Our team noticed it as it aired on the news in Sydney, despite not knowing of the build in Melbourne.

Whilst our Marketing department was excited that our product was seen in a news article about Virtual Reality training techniques, and the stunning new 787 Dreamliner, our Operations department are just as excited that we provided the scaffold safely, quickly and reliably.

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