Scaffold or Scaffolding – what is the difference

market st scaffold level change

One of the questions we get asked at Mr Scaffold is what is the difference between Scaffold and Scaffolding. Whilst we are a scaffolding company, and not English professors, we would like to try and clear it up a little for our customers and friends.

The simplest explanation I can find is that a Scaffold is the completed erection of parts to enable the required task whereas scaffolding is used to describe any or all of the disparate parts used within the construction of the scaffold. Scaffold is the whole, Scaffolding is the pieces.

Using Google to search for the definition of scaffold results in this:

scaffold definition

1. a raised wooden platform used formerly for the public execution of criminals.
2. a structure made using scaffolding.
“scaffold boards”

1. attach scaffolding to (a building).
“they scaffolded the building, then removed the roof”

Using a second Google search for the definition of scaffolding results in this:

scaffolding definition

a temporary structure on the outside of a building, made of wooden planks and metal poles, used by workmen while building, repairing, or cleaning the building.
“two of the shops had scaffolding against them”

the materials used in scaffolding.
“a truck carrying scaffolding”

As in most things involving the english language, there are a lot of ways that both words can be used that defy the simple explanation that we have shown here. The issue may stem from trying to simplify or pigeon-hole something that is so functional and versatile.

light duty scaffold brace
Aluminium Mobile scaffold brace

Even Google finds scaffold & scaffolding difficult to categorise, with it spanning not only construction, repair & cleaning of Industrial, Commercial and Residential, but it also pops up within Garden Maintenance, Home Improvement, Office Painting and many other searches. There are almost as many different niches for use of scaffold as there are companies that supply and sell scaffold. There are also different materials, Steel, Aluminium, Fibreglass, Wood & Bamboo. Each has it’s own specific characteristics and uses.

System Scaffold

Mr Scaffold has positively identified exactly which part of the scaffold environment that we service, Aluminium Scaffold. We manufacture our own brand which has been designed specifically for Australian conditions. Lightweight with a strength that belies its’ ease of use. Mr Scaffold has mobile scaffolds for the home (FOLDSCAF) for the light trade user (EASYSCAF) and for the regular trade user (SUPASCAF). We also have the patented worlds only lockable scaffolding system (LOCKSCAF) which will enable you to secure your scaffold once erected on site from tampering or dismantle for theft.

We hope that this has helped, and not confused the issue more. Whichever word you choose to use, if you call us a Mr Scaffold, we will try and help you with your scaffold/scaffolding issue.