Scaffolding additions to meet the exact requirements

scaffold over emergency exit

Mr Scaffold often has clients who have very exacting needs for a project. Some of these may be confined space access which is 10 metres from the nearest access platform, others may be a need to work across a 12 metre length on the side of a ship halfway between the nearest deck and the waterline 15 metres below. Whatever the specific requirements are, Mr Scaffold usually finds a suitable solution that meets all of them, but rarely are they packed into such a limited space as this highlighted project.

scaffold over emergency exit

The customer needed to access an equipment area which was located above the emergency exits at the base of the exterior of the building. The access doors were large louvres that were designed to provide security with abundant airflow, whilst also allowing for a wide passage once both were fully opened. The base of the louvre arrangement was 3.5 metres from the pavement below, and though the louvre array which ran the length of the building facade was based at the edge of the building, the area where the exit doors were situated, and the access scaffold was to be erected, was distinguished by an overhang of similar louvre type material, presenting the possibility of tools or other items slipping through and endangering anybody below.

Another problem was posed by the doors below the scaffold being an emergency exit, therefore the passage from the doors needed to be as free from obstruction as possible, and at least the size of the two exit doors combined. Mr Scaffold designed and constructed the pictured scaffold to achieve all the aims set out above and more.

scaffold with door swing room

The first thing our team did to meet the needs was to alter the direction of the scaffold platforms. This meant that we had a group of four platforms across the main section of the scaffold, with an extra platform on one side created by the use of a hop-up to widen the working area around the swinging door, and a seamless transition on the other side where a ladder tower with trapdoor platforms provided a similar increase in space.

louvre door scaffold

Now with a main working platform to cater for the large swinging doors, positioned just millimetres below the bottom of the doors. The drop hazard was solved by a second set of hop-ups coupled with a plank secured to a strategically placed ledger providing a ceiling between the exit doors and the louvred deck area above. This effectively prevents any errant tool or dropped item from endangering people below.

Finally, the ledger beams upon which both the working platform and the non-working fall-risk prevention level below it were replaced with strengthened ledger beams to alow the ledgers at base height to be removed. This provided the direct access tunnel from the emergency exit doors to the street. The entire build was then finished with some shadecloth for aesthetics and to prevent evacuating people from contacting unfinished parts of the scaffold. Hoarding was added for extra security for both working personnel and the general public.

emergency exit scaffold

Mr Scaffold solves these types of access problems on a daily basis. Perhaps we can help you with your latest access issue? Give our team a call on 1300 677 223.