Why pay for a scaffold to be put up?

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Mr Scaffold is a professional scaffolding company with many years of experience, with an ISO certified management system to back it up.

We have received this question before however, usually from a customer who needs some extensive scaffold erected around their home or business. Whether they have previous experience with scaffolding or not, the idea of saving by completing the scaffold yourself is a valid question. Here are some of the elements that may help you make that decision:

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The height of the scaffold is a key element that must be considered. Australian law requires that any scaffold that has a fall height equal to or greater than 4 metres needs to be erected and certified by a qualified scaffolder. If your scaffold has this height measurement at any point, then it is imperative that you utilise a professional scaffold company.


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One of the major advantages of aluminium scaffold over steel is the inherent efficiency of erecting a scaffold with elements that are generally one third the weight. If Time is a factor, then a professional scaffolding company is going to be able to complete the build in a much quicker time. This also applies to the dismantle operation, and of course you can add in the delivery and pick up times if you are having the equipment delivered for you to erect yourself.

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Each scaffold needs to be assessed and properly stabilised either with a sturdy tie-in to the structure it is addressing, or with outriggers and other support to hold it erect against the same structure. Often it will require both. The selection of a suitable position, technique and securing point for each of the tie-ins or outriggers/supports is essential to maintaining a stable and safe working platform. If you are unsure, call our team, if you are still uncertain, please utilise a professional scaffolding company.

An example of this is three different lifts, one is a concrete wall, another is brick wall, and the third is a balcony supported by Treated pine poles. Each of these requires a slightly different tie-in solution, with the concrete wall taking more time to drill holes (if allowed) for securing points, and the Treated pine needing extra ledgers, stubs and couplers to create a tie-in frame around the selected point (Did you include the extras in your gearlist?)


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Having a trained and experienced eye surveying your site, monitoring the build and preventing any safety incidents from developing is the single biggest reason for having a professional scaffolding company complete your scaffold erection and dismantle. Though our equipment is light and easily managed, it is made from an aluminium alloy that is extremely good at conducting electricity. Our crews are adept at ensuring that the landing points for the scaffold are mapped out accurately, ensuring a stable base. All too often we are vaulting onto a tile roofed patio or overhang, where the inexperienced worker could slip and injure themselves so easily. Our crews are all fully trained and are supervised by an advanced qualified scaffolder. We are fully insured for our work, and can guarantee that we will complete our work efficiently and safely on your property.