NSW Sewerage Station

NSW Sewerage Padstow

Scaffolding supplied and erected here by our qualified team of scaffolders at a Sewerage Station in Padstow. Four working levels with an approximate top working platform of 8m height, erected in and around the pipework provided the access required for inspection and maintenance of the welds.

Not our most glamourous build, this confined spaces job was carried out on behalf of one of Sydney’s largest infrastructure companies. With a shared goal of safety being at the paramount, our team take all the necessary steps to ensure that these requirements are met. As is the case with all confined spaces jobs, a retrieval rig and rostrum are set up to allow us to safely lower the scaffold up and down for the install/dismantle. All Mr Scaffold personnel are briefed on the site specific safety plan that is in place in the event of an emergency. The retrieval rig you see pictured is required as part of that rescue plan.

Mr Scaffold regularly performs on-site training for all of our scaffolders through qualified instructors above and beyond the standard. This keeps our team well up to speed on the latest safety recommendations for not only confined spaces job, but many other site specific job requirements.