LOCKSCAF – The safest option in scaffold

worlds only lockable scaffold

On 26th October, 2010 Mr. Scaffold launched the World’s first and ONLY lockable scaffolding system, this system has been designed with your safety and security in mind.

All to often on worksites braces are removed from installed scaffolding and not replaced thereby reducing the structural integrity and compliance status of the scaffolding structure. The next user to use the scaffold would do so expecting the scaffold to be in full compliance and of course safe not realising that this safety has been compromised by the inadvertent removal of vital components. The answer to this problem is to prevent the removal of the scaffolding components in the first place.

LOCKSCAF Security, affordability & compliance

LOCKSCAF is an Australian designed and engineered scaffolding system that takes the guesswork out of ensuring your scaffolding remains safe from the time of installation till it is dismantled at the end of the job. The patented design uses a special pin and lock combination to ensure that once a component has been installed it cannot be removed without the knowledge of the owner, Locked, secure and safe.

As an added benefit you also get the peace of mind knowing that your investment in Lockscaf scaffolding is safe as your scaffold can’t be dismantled and removed without your permission, it is much harder to steal fully erected scaffold from a job site.

For more information on our complete range of LOCKSCAF scaffold contact Mr Scaffold today on 1300 677 223.