Mr Scaffold takes love to new Heights

Mr Scaffold KWIKSCAF becomes a TV Star

Scaffolding is often a background activity, required to access the site for works and repairs, not really a focus activity for most Project Managers.  This week we can report on an activity that led to Mr Scaffold being featured on a very popular reality show.  


Channel 10’s “The Bachelor” is a top rating reality television adaptation of the U.S. series of the same name.  Hosted by Osher Gunsberg, “The Bachelor” is in it’s 7th season.  The show revolves around a single bachelor and a pool of romantic interests, with the bachelor going on a series of singe and group dates.





During one of the “Single Dates”, Matt Agnew (The Bachelor) and Chelsie Mcleod are keen to undertake an activity that will take their relationship to “The Next Level”.  Thankfully for them, a platform has been set up over the solar panels that adorn the top of the Mercure Hotel in Central Sydney, and they are able to plunge into their relationship without having to tiptoe around the panels and wires.  Judging by our viewing of the episode above, the best performing part of the repel was the Mr Scaffold platform.  We are however very thankful that Matt and Chelsie enjoyed the adventure.




Scaffold Platform Details

Mr Scaffold does not usually create a platform without a handrail, particularly where it edges against a sheer drop down the side of a hotel.  This build was special, with a 6 metre long by 4 metre platform providing a wide area for the reality pair and associated TV equipment to share.  The platform is supported on layher beams that span across the solar panel arrays.  Each of them being supported by Jacks, and cross braced for stability.  The scaffolding platforms span between the beams, and then a ply board is secured above the joins, ensuring there is no gap for a delicate foot or finger to catch.



The whole build was secured to available eyebolts that were securely connected to the structure of the building.  Mr Scaffold was not present for the abseiling event, but we are sure that our efforts have been instrumental in bringing another bachelor couple together. 

Mr Scaffold makes a prediction

Our hot tip is for Chelsie to win, purely based on the fact that Mr Scaffold was involved in their second full Single date. 


We hope Chelsie and Matt find what they are looking for, and we are sure that we can help you find what you are looking for, just call 1300 677 223