A Mr Scaffold Starter Pack includes

A Mr Scaffold Starter Pack includes  A Mr Scaffold Starter Pack includes 2A Mr Scaffold Starter Pack includes 3A Mr Scaffold Starter Pack includes 4

  • Technical drawing
  • WorkCover / WorkSafe Design Registration
  • Quality Control Procedure
  • Safe Work Method Statement
  • Engineer Reports
  • Load Tables
  • Catalogue of Technical Drawings
  • Hazard Reduction
  • Safety Compliance
  • Pricelists
  • technical drawing of the scaffolding you have purchased – so you can visualize how your tower will look when erected.
  • WorkCover / WorkSafe Design Registration – certifying the scaffolds have been tested and meet the strict standards of safety set by relevant government authorities
  • Quality Control Procedure – an overview of the steps your scaffold has undertaken to eventually become part of your asset register.

Mr Scaffold is stringent in controlling every part of the process and completes testing to ensure the highest quality after each stage. From purchase of raw materials, through casting and extrusion, welding, fabricating and all the way to finished scaffolding components ready for use, Mr Scaffold has it under control – always with your best interests at heart.

Safety in Scaffolding

Safe Work Method Statement – a step-by-step instruction guide, which includes sequential visual aids is also included.

This can be used by you in the compilation of your job plan on any job site in Australia. For your convenience the Safe Work Method Statement is also stickered to each and every frame that leaves our factory, so your job is made easy, when and where your job is.

Engineer Reports – a summary of the relevant tests that Mr Scaffold has carried out on your scaffold.

Ensures that the scaffold exceeds, by many times, the loads and strains put on a scaffold during use. NO company carries out such routine and extensive testing on ALL of its products as Mr Scaffold. This is the secret to our success, and our ability to produce the highest quality of products.

Load Tables – Scaffolds are easy structures. They are designed to take load at height.

However, understanding how the capabilities of a scaffolding’s loading capacity can change at height is confusing. Especially with a lot of amateurs in the marketplace, sometimes giving poor advice. Mr Scaffold supplies a simple one-page A4 table with the varying load capacities of different dimension scaffolds, at different heights. This load table also includes the Australian Standards / WorkCover Design Registration numbers that the scaffolds are registered under.

Catalogue of Technical Drawings – a catalogue of drawings for the individual components that make up your scaffold.

Safety Checklist for your Scaffold

Hazard Reduction – Mr Scaffold provides a quick checklist for you to reduce the danger involved in using any product that involves height access.

Safety Compliance – Mr Scaffold also provides a quick checklist for you to keep the scaffold being used in a safe, easy and generally accepted way. This is also stickered to all of Mr Scaffold’s frames.

It is just another part of how Mr Scaffold takes it to The Next Level. Having been in the scaffolding business for decades, the dedicated team at Mr Scaffold is absolutely committed to helping you with information that we know you may require either immediately or at some point in the future.

Mr Scaffold is the Leader in Aluminium Scaffolding Hire and Sales

No other aluminium scaffolding company provides such extensive information, guarantees and service. When you buy a Mr Scaffold product, you are simply buying the best scaffold product available.