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Scaffolding in a Complex Area.

Potts Point Scaffolding Work;

A Construction Company was requested to perform a refurbishment to an exterior of a building in Potts Point. The company requested our expertise in our scaffolding to support their needs.

Mr Scaffold attended the property and our estimator designed the scaffold in a way to best suit the requirements for the labourers to do painting and remedial works on the external facier. Due to the property being built prior to 1943, attention to the property and architecture was a priority.

All scaffolding materials were delivered to the site and unloaded with a forklift onto a Ute and ferried down the driveway, then unloaded with forklift again. This was due to limited access to the property.

Due to the place being a residential complex, the scaffolding materials were stored around the driveway area, leaving access for residents to still park their cars on site.

In total 25 Tonne of scaffolding gear was delivered to Potts Point via 12 Trucks, this was done one day prior to planned erection day.
It took approximately 2 weeks to erect this project with 8 of our most experienced scaffolders working every day.

Initially, enough scaffolding had to be carried down the external fire stairs to build up one tower 15m high to then we were able pass gear from driveway to build the rest of it which totals approximately 2300 square metres in area.

As all jobs have a hazard, this one at Potts Point was a little out of the ordinary. There were some hazards involved with funnel webs found in the sandstone walls only 1m from building. Basically our scaffolding was almost touching the sandstone on the outside standard, so our SWMS have now been updated to accommodate this.

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