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Who we are

Mr Scaffold are Aluminium Scaffold Specialists in Sales, Hire and Contracting. Our aluminium scaffolding range includes KwikScaf Walk-Through scaffolds, EasyScaf, SupaScaf & LockScaf Mobile scaffold Towers, Foldable and mini scaffolds, Complete systems, accessories and more.mrscaffold heritage scaffolding on sydney town hall for restoration

We have scaffolding teams performing contracts based in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with a dry hire and sales depot in Brisbane.  We can deliver scaffold to anywhere within Australia. Our scaffolding experts can visit you on-site to provide a no obligation quote, or you can call or email us with your specific requirements.

Our qualified team of advanced scaffolders can also offer solutions for your RISI, Confined Space, Stair Access and Hoarding requirements.  As a result of our long-standing relationship with large contracting companies and government organistions.  Mr. Scaffold can assist in complex scaffolding jobs that require a high degree of skill, organisation and technical knowledge.  We have full public liability insurance, furthermore all of our work is certified to meet WorkCover and WHS Standards.

All stages of the Scaffolding process from design to dismantle are managed directly by our team. We believe they provide the very highest levels of service and expertise to our customers who have come to know and trust Mr. Scaffold since 1999.

Our growing team of 50+ employees are committed to always improving and serving our customers better. Whether you are a home handyman or a Commercial Project Manager, Mr. Scaffold is here to help.

Scaffold Services

Whether your need is large or small, our expert scaffolders can help with your next job. By utilising our contracting services, the entire process from end to end is handled by professionals.  We can provide an accurate quote, including a complete sketch and gear list.  Once approved, we deliver and erect your scaffold.  Workcover certified inspection and correct tagging is mandatory for our scaffolds, and on completion of your work, the dismantle and removal is handled as quickly and efficiently as the other part of the process.  Mr Scaffold has employees who are dedicated, experienced and certified.  Every scaffold we build is certified as safe in accordance with the WorkCover requirements of the state in which it is erected.


Scaffolding Procedure

In most cases, we will have an Estimator attend your site ahead of time and liaise with you about the exact requirements you have.  Consequently you have first hand access to the person who will design your scaffold.  Allowing you not only to speak of your needs but also show them to us at the start, concerns over parking, surrounding structures, etc.  Our Estimator will accurately calculate all of the elements required, utilising them to design the tower and produce a list of equipment.  Our team will then load all of those elements onto our vehicles, transport them to your site to arrive as agreed between yourself and our Team Controller and start erecting the scaffold tower.
Upon completion of the erection phase, a certified scaffolder will provide a WorkCover scaffold ticket for the erected tower.  This ticket is valid for 30 days, and is mandatory for all scaffolds over 4 metres in height.  Mr Scaffold provides this with every scaffold we erect.  On completion of your work, again as agreed between yourself and our Team Controller, our team will arrive on time to quickly and safely dismantle and transport away.  The entire process is carried out by Mr Scaffold employees to ensure we can guarantee our exemplary record of safety and efficiency every time.


Engineering Services

Mr Scaffold will provide engineering services to ensure that a qualified engineer has approved the build plan when required and then signs off on the completed scaffold.  Feel free to browse through our Projects page, and you will see many examples of Mr Scaffold meeting unique and specific requirements in all manner of sites and situations.

All stages adhere strictly to all WorkCover requirements.


Hire Scaffolding

Mr. Scaffold has a dedicated team that can help you if your requirements are just to hire scaffolding or other equipment.

mrscaffold folding aluminium scaffolding that fits into a ute.

We call this Dry Hire in the scaffolding industry. It applies when you simply hire equipment from us, but erect and dismantle yourself.   We conduct Dry Hire and Purchasing operations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.  Please be aware that any scaffold over 4 metres in height needs to be signed off as complying with WorkCover requirements by a certified scaffolder a minimum of every 30 days.

Mr Scaffold has scaffolding accessories, Foldable scaffolds, Kwikstage Walk-Through scaffolding, ladders, Mobile scaffolding, scaffolding Towers, scaffolding systems and more hire equipment to assist you in whatever your project entails.  If you have specialised requirements, including Stair Access Solutions, Confined Space Solutions or Hoarding then please see our Specialised Services page.  If you are unsure in any way, then the team at Mr Scaffold can assist you in selecting the best possible scaffolding solution for your individual needs.

You can visit our depot and pick up what you need, or we can deliver straight to site for you!
(Our Sydney depot has no Pickup hire option, all hire will be delivered).

We have Foldable scaffolds for the smaller jobs that will happily fit into a standard ute, right through to a complete gear list for a 4m tower for hire.

Specialised Scaffolding Services

Mr. Scaffold has a dedicated team that can help if you require specialised services.

Stair access solutionsmrscaffold stair access solution using lightweight aluminium scaffolding.

We offer a complete range of stair access solutions from 1m – 20m.  By erecting our quality aluminium scaffolding and placing secure, easily traversed stairways within the scaffolding framework.  Mr Scaffold can quickly and efficiently provide you with complete external access to all levels of your chosen worksite.  This is particularly helpful when you need to conduct works within existing fire escapes and access areas.

A stair access can be perfect for workers carrying tools and equipment to enter construction sites safely and quickly.  We offer a complete range of stair access solutions from 1m – 20m.  Perfect for when ladder access just isn’t enough.

Commercial, industrial and public stair access is no problem with our Kwikscaf system. It allows full flexibility in landing heights, and is fully handrailed and built to AS/NZ Standards. Flights are 1.5m and the widths of the stairs are 580mm – more than enough room for comfortable and easy access.  If you have an access problem, we will help you with the solution.

Confined Space solutions

mrscaffold confined space expertise with lightweight aluminium scaffoldOur team carry out stringent risk assessments and planning before entering a confined space. We have trained and experienced scaffolders who are fully qualified in the safe and efficient accessing of Confined Spaces.  They also have experience in creating a scaffolding structure that will provide a secure platform for your chosen needs.  Safety is vitally important when dealing with Confined Spaces.  Experience is the key to efficiency, and efficiency is the key to getting your work started on time and your workers confident in the situation.

99% of accidents in a confined space result in death. That’s the statistic. Our team carry out stringent risk assessments and planning before entering a confined space.

The required retrieval systems, breathing apparatus, contingency planning are just a few of the steps that we employ all of the time to make sure that accidents are PREVENTED.

We are fully prepared and equipped with the right equipment to deal with situations safely and effectively. 



Our system is quick, easy and perfect to meet your needs.  Wherever ‘A’ Class Hoarding is required, for a short or long time.  We are experienced in providing hoarding in high traffic areas and can fulfil your needs quickly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption.

Whether your job is large or small, our expert Scaffolders can help with your next specialised scaffolding job. Our fully qualified, licensed and professional Scaffolders can transport, erect, inspect and dismantle for you.  The entire process of providing your team access to the most difficult to reach areas is managed by the team at Mr Scaffold from design through to dismantle.

‘A’ Class Hoarding can be used to limit public access and for public safety.

We have full public liability insurance, and all of our work is certified to meet WorkCover and WHS Standards.

We have several handy locations around Australia with a complete range

easyscaf tower with outriggers
Mr Scaffold has a comprehensive range of scaffold available for sale.  We have designed and specified the entire range, and it matches the equipment that we use on a daily basis in our hire operations.  Mr Scaffold trusts this equipment with our team of scaffolders day after day, with confidence in the reliability and durability of our product.  We have Mobile, Walk-Thru scaffold and accessories to meet every requirement.

Mobile Scaffold

Mr Scaffold has a range of Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Kits. Our Mobile systems are ideal for any tradesmen requiring a quick and easy scaffolding system such as Painters or general tradesmen.  If you have specialised requirements, including Confined Space Solutions or Hoarding then please see our Specialised Services page.  If you are unsure, the team at Mr Scaffold can assist in selecting the best solution for your individual needs.

Mr Scaffold Aluminium Mobile Scaffold is;

∝ Australian Designed & Engineered
∝ Workcover Registered
∝ T6 6061 grade Aluminium
∝ All joins are TIG Welded
∝ Easy to erect, transport and store
∝ Available in EasyScaf, SupaScaf & LockScaf




Our EasyScaf, SupaScaf & LockScaf cover your every access need

Our range of accessories match the quality of the entire Mr Scaffold range of scaffolding equipment.  We use the same equipment we sell every mrscaffold scaffolding wheels single day, so quality is what we rely on as professionals.  Mr Scaffold has an extensive range of stabilising components for all your requirements whether it’s for hire or purchasing.
We stock (on site) Acrow Props, Outriggers from 2.5m up to 5m in length, Couplers, Wall Ties, Jacks and much more.

Call the Leading Aluminium Scaffolding Company – Mr Scaffold

Mr Scaffold has a large range of aluminium platforms. We stock platforms ranging from 0.8m right up to 3.2m in length.  Platforms are available in light duty (SWL=225kg, 2.5m only) or medium duty (SWL=450kg, all lengths).
Our specially designed Medium Duty Platforms have Aluminium cantilevered edges.
We also hire and sell platforms with trapdoors.

Mobile Scaffolding         Folding Scaffolds               KwikStage Scaffolds               Acrow Props               Jacks              Couplers               Outriggers               Wheels/Castors               Platforms               Frames               Ladders               Painters Kit               Roofers Kit               Renderers Kit                     Scaffolding Braces                Work Platform Ladders